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"It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see."

- Henry David Thoreau


Sheridan College, a very very long time ago, in a Galaxy Far Far away (Oakville, Ontario).   A friend took this photo of a very baby faced Me painting something way past my talent level.

Welcome to Noble Studios - a place for my (Trish Noble) artwork to show and sell.

I've always been an artist of some kind, or at least, tried very hard to be an artist of some kind.  I studied some Illustration at Sheridan College when I was young, moved over to the Picture Frame and Gallery world for a while, and ultimately ended up studying in and working with Flash (remember Flash?) and Stock Video (3D/Animation) for 10 years.  

When my Digital Career took a nose dive (thank you 2008 Tech Crash From Hell) and my company was swallowed by a larger predator - I moved out to British Columbia to start a new journey.   Since finding work as a Creative in a new city was next to impossible, I took work in the Administration world, working in Insurance and other firms.  While I found I was good at this, I needed to bring my Art back to my world and my soul, so broke out my paints, and began to play again.  

While I still work in the Administrative world (it provides a good counterbalance in my life and allows for the "process" part of my brain to work) - my own time is spent creating works of art.  After playing with paint a short while, I lost access to studio space, and rediscovered, through necessity, the art of Digital Painting. (Want to know more about Digital Painting? Find out here!)   I moved from Canvas to Tablet and Corel Painter, and loved every second of it.  Using photography of my own making as inspiration,  I now utilize the plethora of digital brushes, particles, and effects to create my paintings.  The process is exactly the same to me as painting on canvas, except for the very wonderful fact that I don't have to wait for paint to dry, before creating a new layer and continuing with a piece.  Also, I am grateful for the undo button! (I will not lie).

My work is produced as Limited Edition Giclée Prints - printed on archival, cotton papers with archival inks, for steadfast long lasting colors and high quality work.  Each piece is printed and inspected prior to being signed and numbered and going out, and packaged with acid free materials for shipping.  A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each piece.

I hope you enjoy what you see here, but even if it's not  your cup of tea, keep looking for the beauty that speaks to YOUR soul.  We all need to feel inspired, or moved, or even just to look at something beautiful.  Our souls are much happier for it!

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