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Welcome to my growing collection of Limited Edition Giclée Prints for sale.  There are two sections of Limited Edition Prints.  One area is for very small runs of 10-25 prints - and are, generally speaking, a bit larger in scale.  They are printed on thick, high quality, cotton "rag" archival paper using archival, museum quality, colour steadfast inks.  

The second gallery of Limited Editions have larger runs of 100-200; and generally run smaller in scale.   These are printed on lighter stock material, but are still printed on archival paper and use quality inks.

All pieces are Digital Paintings - created with digital canvas and paints.  This process is much the same as a traditional process, and use much the same brushes and media, but it is done in a Digital space.  For more information on Digital Painting and my process, please view my page entitled "Process".

Larger prints may be shipped wrapped in acid free tissue and rolled into a tube - and smaller prints may be shipped flat.  

If you would like your piece to have a further individual touch - please let me know in the "Customize your Limited Edition" area when you purchase.  I will sign a small dedication or a small note underneath your piece. 

Limited Editions: Small Run

Limited Editions: Large Run

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